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International Business Development

You may be looking at overseas markets and wondering where to start. The issues and risks may look daunting right now. You need someone who has been there before, to give you advice and perspective on your ambitions.

We are highly experienced in international business with over 27 years track record in markets around the world. We are skilled in developing and implementing practical, export-led growth plans.

We are experienced in analysing capabilities and vulnerabilities for our client companies when looking at export markets, then helping them to put the right commercial, operational, legal and insurance structures in place. We call this the Commercial Readiness Process.

We have specialist knowledge of Brazil, and are proud to work with UK Trade and Investment (‘UKTI’) across several business sectors, delivering intensive commercial and marketing support for companies targeting the Brazilian marketplace.

Project engagements for us may involve one or more of the following elements:

  • Commercial Readiness Process;
  • Market Research;
  • Channel Partner Identification, Qualification, Engagement;
  • End-Client Engagement;
  • Local Manufacture Strategy Development;
  • Logistics Planning (including product shipment, customs clearance, warehousing);
  • In-territory Business Launch;
  • Ongoing Business Development and Troubleshooting.